Parlay develops and licenses industry leading software products which empower our clients’ ability to attract, engage, and entertain online customers and social communities. Parlay Games deliver innovative software solutions which target regulated eGaming markets, Tribal customers  and social gaming verticals.

Art Direction / Web & Mobile Design / UX / UI / Prototype


I started the project off by getting all the stakeholders together to analyze the old website and define the target audience (B2B) and pinpoint all the challenges to the old design. I also looked at data on where people were searching through the website to locate more information about our products and provide design solutions to improve on our CTA with new potential clients. We decided to redesign the layout to a long sales page with an extra layer including detailed modules with more refined stories about each product showcased. We applied subtle animations and used bold large sections to focus the viewer on each product Parlay provides. While the use of simple imagery and bold clean fonts communicates and highlights Parlays value proposition.

1. Updated business objectives with new product details and alliances 2. Research new B2B personas and target audience 3. Updating the content to reflect new products and business positioning 4. Updating and evangelizing strategic brand positioning

It was great to review the business sticking points of an outdated website and set new objectives with a clear collective vision. By updating the website flow and content of the site, we achieved a better user experience showcasing the all-new products Parlay provides. And decreased our bounce rate and increased our visibility by 10%

Brand - Web / Mobile, Art Direction UI/UX

Parlay Back Office Application - Art Direction UI/UX

Prototype - Invision

Brand - Parlay Games

Brand - Black and White

Brand - Colours

Brand - Typography

Brand - Colour Marks

Brand - Iconography

Brand - Stationary

Brand - Print Images

Brand - Print

Brand - Power Point

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